Optimist International Harper Creek Club

Christmas Parade

Our club presents an annual  Christmas Parade for  the local Battle Creek community  during the last week of November.

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Cross Country Invitational

During the High School fall cross-country season our club sponsors an invitational  event with 8 to 10 boys and girls teams participating. 

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Essay Contest

An Optimist International writing contest is offered for local students under the age of 18 with prize money presented to the winners. 

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Golf Events

Our club annually sponsors the Optimist International Jr. World of Golf event and the local Girls All-City Golf Tournament.

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Oratorical Contest

 An Optimist International speech contest is offered for local students under the age of 18 with prize money presented to the winners.  

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Our club budgets funds for Harper Creek  Middle School and High School robotics  teams assisting with their extensive expenditures. 

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Rocket Days

Funds are provided for Harper Creek 5th grade students to build and fire off miniature rocks during the last month of the school year.  

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Student of the Month

Harper Creek High School Senior students are selected monthly by the faculty for their achievements and honored by our club.

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Tennis Tournament

During late summer our club sponsors the only local open tennis tournament with youth playing singles and adults playing doubles.

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Wish List

$2,000 is divided among Harper Creek school Principals to use for special projects or programs not in their budget.

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Youth Appreciation

This is a  program where selected Harper Creek students job shadow a school administrator or business person in the community. 

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Teacher of the Month

A Harper Creek teacher is selected monthly form each of the school district's five schools and awarded "Teacher of the Month".

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