Club Cash Raffle Fundraiser

This cash raffle  event has been our club's main fundraiser for over 20 years. 300 purchased tickets are placed in a spinning drum and drawn out one at a time. The last ticket out is worth $8,000! There are also cash prizes for every 25th ticket drawn, plus increasing denominations for the last 10 tickets drawn out. A few tickets are also held out from the start and periodically become available via a $5 raffling for the particular ticket number. Some participants also make their live ticket available for purchase by auctioning it off. So, if your ticket is drawn early, you still have a chance to get back in and win the big prize!  Individual tickets cost $125 and include a buffet dinner and 3 complimentary drinks throughout the drawing. This is a fun party event to attend, but you do not have to be present to collect your winnings. All proceeds for the event are channeled back to the community supporting our youth.  This year's Cash Raffle Event will be held on March 2nd again at the Riverside Golf Club. 

View / Obtain a ticket!

To view a ticket and actually obtain one, open the Microsoft Word File.    Download the ticket, enable editing and fill-in your information. Submit the ticket to and you will be contacted and instructed to proceed with payment. After we have  have received your remittance, your official ticket will be emailed back to you with your potential winning number! You may also download the PDF ticket form and remit via email, snail mail or in person to Harper Creek Optimist Club @ 4275 Capital Avenue SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015. 

2019 Cash Raffle Ticket

Raffle Ticket - 2019 Word Fill-in Form (docx)


RaffleTicket - 2019 PDF Form (pdf)


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